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February 16, 2016Spectra-Physics Introduces New Leading-Edge Ultrafast Amplifiers
February 16, 2016Spectra-Physics Launches >30 W UV and >40 W Green Lasers with Disruptive Cost-Performance
February 16, 2016Spectra-Physics Unveils Super-Hydrophobic Surface Functionalization Process
February 16, 2016Spectra-Physics Announces Dynamic Pulse Energy Control for World’s Smallest Actively Q-Switched Lasers
February 11, 2016Spectra-Physics Debuts 3-Photon Imaging Ultrafast Laser Source
February 9, 2016Spectra-Physics Launches High Energy Industrial Femtosecond Laser
February 4, 2016Spectra-Physics Introduces >95 W Green Hybrid Fiber Laser
February 2, 2016Spectra-Physics Doubles Power of Industrial Femtosecond Lasers with Breakthrough Cost-Performance
January 26, 2016Spectra-Physics Unveils New High Peak Power, Compact Ultrafast Laser
June 21, 2015Spectra-Physics Doubles UV Power of World’s Smallest Actively Q-Switched Lasers
June 18, 2015Spectra-Physics Unveils New Line of High Energy Green Fiber Lasers
June 17, 2015Spectra-Physics Introduces 488 nm Direct Diode Lasers with Narrow Bandwidth
June 16, 2015Spectra-Physics Debuts High Pulse Energy UV Lasers with Disruptive Cost-Performance
June 11, 2015Spectra-Physics Launches Industrial Femtosecond Laser for Cutting Glass and Sapphire
May 12, 2015 Spectra-Physics Introduces Industry’s Highest Energy, One-Box Ultrafast Amplifiers
March 16, 2015Spectra-Physics Debuts Industry’s Highest Power Ultrafast Regenerative Amplifiers Enabled by New Industrial Pump Lasers
February 10, 2015Spectra-Physics Launches High Power UV Laser with Disruptive Cost-Performance
February 9, 2015Spectra-Physics Unveils Novel Industrial Laser Glass Cutting Process
February 3, 2015Spectra-Physics Extends Fiber Lasers Portfolio with New High Performance Lasers
January 29, 2015Spectra-Physics Debuts Breakthrough Cost-Performance Industrial Femtosecond Lasers
January 27, 2015Spectra-Physics Expands Line of World's Smallest Actively Q-Switched Lasers
July 10, 2014Spectra-Physics® Unveils Enhanced Widely-Tunable Ultrafast Laser for Multiphoton Imaging
July 8, 2014Spectra-Physics® Launches High Energy, One-Box Ultrafast Amplifiers
March 17, 2014Spectra-Physics® Launches 15 W UV Laser at Laser World of Photonics China
February 4, 2014Spectra-Physics® Launches Breakthrough >60 W Ultraviolet (UV) Laser
February 4, 2014Spectra-Physics® Expands Ultrafast Amplifier Portfolio
February 4, 2014Spectra-Physics® Debuts Disruptive Cost-Performance Ultraviolet (UV) Q-switched Laser
February 3, 2014Spectra-Physics® Unveils Ultra-Compact Femtosecond Laser
October 30, 2013Femtosecond Laser Micromachining of Next-Generation Implantable Medical Devices Demonstrated
May 13, 2013Spectra-Physics® Announces Unprecedented >45 W UV Laser
May 13, 2013Spectra-Physics® Introduces World’s Smallest, Actively Q-Switched UV Laser
May 13, 2013Spectra-Physics® Launches Mid-IR to Deep UV Tunable, Ultrafast Laser System
May 9, 2013Spectra-Physics® Introduces Industrial Picosecond Laser
April 29, 2013Spectra-Physics® Announces Expansion of Compact Lasers Portfolio for Bioinstrumentation
February 4, 2013Spectra-Physics® Debuts Breakthrough High Power UV Hybrid Fiber Laser
January 28, 2013Spectra-Physics® Expands Portfolio with Two Advanced Scientific Lasers
January 23, 2013Spectra-Physics® Unveils New High Power Femtosecond Laser
January 13, 2013Spectra-Physics® Introduces World’s Smallest UV 1 W Q-switched Laser
January 7, 2013Spectra-Physics® Launches New High Power Green Q-Switched Laser

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