Vantage TLB-7100


  • Narrow linewidth
  • Wide and fine tuningy
  • Magnetic damping for mechanical stability
  • Automatic laser head recognition
  • Tuning arm viewing window

The Vantage TLB-7100 Tunable Diode Laser is the latest addition to the New Focus™ family of lasers. An external cavity diode laser, the Vantage adopts the popular Littrow design to offer higher power at a variety of wavelengths to meet your experimental needs. Each laser unit is optimized to a user specified wavelength to deliver top performance and mode-hop-free piezo tuning while providing the option to manually coarse tune to another wavelength. The narrow linewidth measured over 50 ms, exceptional mode-hop-free tuning range, and power and wavelength stability make the Vantage a first in class Littrow.

The Vantage TLB-7100 comes standard with the premium low noise TLB-6800-LN controller with laser head recognition to automatically set the diode temperature and current upper limit to ensure maximum performance and diode lifetimes. The TLB-6800-LN includes an internal function generator, variable piezo gain, USB and RS232 communication, feed forward capability, and intuitive digital interface with real buttons to make your lab life easy.


Atomic spectroscopy
Laser cooling
Atomic clocks
Quantum applications
型号调谐范围(宽)2模式 - 希望免费
TLB-7102-01 392–400 nm 10 GHz (5 pm) 15 mW @ 397nm  
TLB-7102-02 421–423 nm 5 GHz (3 pm) 10 mW @ 423 nm  
TLB-7104-01 671–673 nm 15 GHz (20 pm) 20 mW @ 671 nm  
TLB-7104-02 650–659 nm 10 GHz (15 pm) 15 mW @ 655 nm  
TLB-7113-02 695–703 nm 10 GHz (15 pm 25 mw @ 702 nm  
TLB-7113-01 765–782 nm 50 GHz (100 pm) 90 mW @ 780 nm  
TLB-7115-01 830–867 nm 50 GHz (120 pm) 90 mW @ 852 nm  
TLB-7115-02 895–920 nm 50 GHz (130 pm) 20 mW @ 895 nm  
TLB-7121-01 1051–1075 nm 15 GHz (90 pm) 50 mW @ 1060 nm  
行宽 <300 kHz (整合超过50毫秒)   
波长稳定性 2 pm (超过1小时 ±2⁰C)  
电力稳定性 <1% (超过1小时 ±2⁰C)  
微调分辨率3 整个PZT调谐范围的 0.01%  
微调分辨率3 整个PZT调谐范围的 0.01%  
精细调频带宽 >100 Hz (100% 振幅)
1.5 kHz (20% 振幅)
精细的调频带宽(内部发生器) 0.1–100 Hz (100% 振幅)  
电流调制带宽 DC-1 MHz(通过控制器)
50 kHz-100 MHz(直接连接到二极管)4
横向模式 TEM00  
光束指向稳定性 <50 µrad (±2⁰C)  
光束大小,典型 2–4 mm  
梁椭圆形,典型 1:1–3:1  
极化 垂直  
光学输出 可用空间  
用户界面 控制器前面板,RS-232,USB  
电源要求 100-240 VAC (50-60 Hz), 31/5000 功耗 <170 瓦
环境温度,运行 15-30⁰C  
环境温度,存储 0-50⁰C  
环境湿度 非冷凝  

1. 产品规格如有变更,恕不另行通知。
2. 手动宽调和 PZT 微调。 在真空中选择调谐范围内的优化波长至 0.01 nm,并与我们联系以获得功率。
3. 当使用外部电压源通过外部频率调制输入调谐 PZ T时,分辨率取决于电压源。
4. 电流通过激光头SMA端口直接调制到二极管。

Vantage TLB-7100 尺寸


Product Description
Vortex Plus TLB-6800
Precision Finely tunable external Cavity Diode Laser


Product Description
VAMP TA-7600
Tapered Amplifier
High-Speed Servo Controller
10 MHz Bandwidth